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Matt grew up in the Hummelstown area and has joined with  Right-hand Man Contractor and brings his unique sense of humor along with an excellent eye for quality work.   Matt also goes by "Lucky Fin", he prefers to be called that for some odd reason, but once you know him, you'll understand.

Matt Smith

Born and raised in Harrisburg currently living in Hummelstown with his wife Kris and two boys, the youngest of which just joined his elder brother at Lebanon Valley College.  Loves to watch and coach lacrosse in his spare time.  My wife works for TE Connectivity  and enjoys playing Volleyball in a local league.  My father and mother introduced me to DIY in my younger years as they took care of most of the things around the house, my brothers all had a profound impact on me as well as they followed in Mom and Dad's abilities. I have always believed that you should learn something new every day and you should always do the job as if you are the one that's going to look at the work for the rest of your life.  


Originally from central PA, he currently resides in Mechanicsburg with his wife Rachel and our four crazy beautiful children. 

Born and raised by the consummate DIY'er and jack-of-all trades, his father, Doug followed him around the workshop as soon as he could walk.  Once of working age, he had the opportunity to work under two of his uncles who were professional tradesmen in the construction service industry.  

These influences led to a desire to attend school for and enter into the structural engineering field... to design and to build.  Engineering has certainly served him well, earning his Professional Engineering license and the opportunity to get behind the scenes on some incredible feats of engineering.  But alas, it has failed to fulfill his true passions; working with people and working with his hands; creating things that bring joy and satisfaction to someone's everyday life.  

Douglas Beaver, Jr.

Right-Hand Man was created to offer you, the customer, an entirely new experience when it comes to contracting.  

If we took a shot in the dark, We'd be willing to bet there is something about your current house you are not quite satisfied with. Perhaps it has become outdated, dysfunctional, too small, too big, or just lacking the flare or charm that you love.  As we move through different phases and changes in life, sometimes it's tough for our homes to keep pace with our needs.  And with so many ideas floating around out there, it's a lot easier to add to your project list than it is to check one off.  

We want you to love your home.  If you can't find peace at home... where can you?  We'd like to help you realize the full potential of your home.

Our Vision

Contracting, but so much more...